At Market Is Coming!

Posted by Stephen Baker on 3rd December 2008

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that the Butter Market won’t be open in time for Christmas. Let’s hope it will be open for next Christmas!

However, what will definitely be open for business before next Christmas is a new web site that will let you order local products from local producers and have them delivered to your door.

One of the driving forces behind our original attempt to win the bid to redevelop the Butter Market was to be able to provide a place for local producers to bring their products to market at a fair price. Affordable for customers and profitable for producers. This is what the new web site will do.

The web site is called ‘At Market’. This name reflects the principle of selling produce at prices set by producers rather than the supermarkets. And with no shareholders to appease and using the economies of scale of the internet, we reckon that we can provide local quality products at prices lower than the supermarket and still allow the producers to make a profit. In our eyes, that makes everyone a winner.

The site is in its testing phase at the moment, with some of Chichester’s best known producers involved in making sure the site is everything we want it to be. There is a holding page for At Market itself here, where you can learn a little more about what we’re trying to do.

Here’s a teaser of the new site’s home page. At Market, Chichester

Please visit the site and register your interest. Then we can keep you up to date with At Market news and let you know as soon as the site goes live for local shopping.


  1. Martin Cooke says:
    10th January 2009 at 12:27 pm

    I am sorry to learn that your excellent plan for the Buttermarket has been turned down. As a member of St Paul’s church I am keen to enhance the service to the community given by our parish centre. We held an Eco Fair in 2007 which involved some local food producers/retailers. This gave me the idea of exploring the use of Paul’s and its centre to promote good food through a Food Festival. I realsie that such fairs are becoming a regular feature in the Chichester District.
    However I wonder whether you see any advatage in the idea of St Paul’s joining contructively in one important element of what you had planned for the Buttermarket.

    Perhaps we could meet to discuss this idea -ideally at St Paul’s.

    Martin Cooke

  2. Lizzie Leach says:
    13th February 2009 at 7:56 pm

    Hi there! Could you please inform me as to how I should go about renting a unit at the butter market before it gets developed or after? I am very keen to rent some space but would like more information on pricing ect but have currently been unable to find.

    Thank you


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