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Current Butter Market

Butter Market Chichester Proposal

Our vision of the bustling interior of the Chichester Butter Market

Welcome to our proposal for the Chichester Butter Market

The Chichester Butter Market is ready for redevelopment. Stephen Baker and Derek Bond have created this site to give you a chance to examine their plans to restore the Butter Market to its original condition and function.

We're very aware that Chichester has seen a number of redevelopments in recent years, which have often left nothing more of the original buildings than a shell or exterior fašade. That is not what we want for the Butter market.

A modern take
on a historical market

The Chichester Butter Market has graced North Street for 200 years.
We believe it should continue to play a vital role at the heart of Chichester. That's why we want to:

  • safeguard its architectural heritage

  • ensure its use remains faithful to its original purpose

  • promote local businesses by offering low-cost
    prime retail festival sites

  • give it a modern and more vibrant feel
    with a wider mix of small retailers

  • upgrade the first floor as a function room, food hall,
    and restaurant academy

Look through the site and learn more about our plans to benefit local producers, consumers, and Chichester as a whole.

We're proud of Chichester's past and we're passionate about its future. As you are. With your support we can realize the full potential of the Butter Market and make its heritage the vibrant heart of our city.

Chichester Butter Market